The Most Powerful Ways To Lose Weight In 2016

There are  many different exercise and fitness products available these days.  And they’re all promising quick and easy results.  Gimmicks like weight loss pills, weight loss creams, slimming belts, or even the Shake Weight are a few that quickly come to mind.  You’ll never have success losing weight with these gimmicks, but there are popular weight loss methods in 2016 that really work.  People are losing weight and changing their lives with these methods because of one specific reason.

Here are some popular weight loss methods for 2016…

  • Beachbody
  • Crossfit
  • Orange Theory
  • Daily Burn
  • Diet Bet


These methods are drastically changing lives for a few reasons.    First, many of these programs are new and different.  Everyone loves something new, especially the weight loss and fitness industry.  In fact, I almost left Crossfit off this list because it WAS new back in 2011, now not so much, but still very popular.

New workouts are introduced by Beachbody at least twice a year, Orange Theory is a high intensity group workout that is very different, Daily Burn is like a Beachbody for our mobile society,  and Diet Bet makes use of the always popular diet contests that co-workers and friends  engage in every so often.


Second, these programs simply work.  The workouts are intense and effective.  Whether you engage in the full intensity of the workouts, or even go through the motions, you’ll get results as long as you do the workouts consistently.

However, an overlooked reason why people are changing their lives with these programs is because they create a sense of community, group mentality, or even cult-like following among their participants.

I can speak to this personally with regards to the Beachbody workouts.  I’ve completed several of their programs including P90X, Body Beast, Hammer And Chisel, and 10 Minute Trainer.  One of the main reasons I’ve even completed some of these challenging programs is because I engaged myself in the Beachbody community.  Facebook groups and YouTube channels are my “go-to” support systems when I do a progam, but the important thing to remember is to engage yourself in the community when going through a program and you’ll have much more success.

Crossfit, in my opinion has always had a cult-like following.  Yet, these people GET RESULTS.  Crossfitters eat, sleep, and breath their fitness passion and quickly build rapport among members.  I’ve participated in a few Crossfit workouts, and if it weren’t for the cost of the membership I would’ve immediately made friends.  Crossfitters are a tight-knit community that engage and support one another and simply get results.  The high intensity of the workouts foster passion for results and each other.


Orange Theory is the newest of the methods listed above and also does a great job of community engagement.  The workouts are group based with different stations for participants.  Everyone does intense treadmill interval work, than move to a different station like the row machine, then some TRX, then some free weights.  The workouts are always different, with various stations to keep people motivated and engaged, but the group workout model is what keeps  people coming back and excited to take on these challenging and effective workouts.

Daily Burn is similar to Beachbody in that it offers several workout programs for those interested in working out from home.  A big difference is that Daily Burn streams their workouts through your mobile device, while Beachbody is only beginning to enter that method with their new Beachbody On Demand platform.  The majority of Beachbody users still purchase DVD’s for at home workouts.

Similar to Beachbody, Daily Burn has a large variety of workouts, and a large following too.  The workouts and trainers are interesting and keep you engaged.  They have a large following on Facebook and millions of views for many of their YouTube videos.  Although they’re not as mainstream as some of the others I mention in this post, they have a large community and a large, engaged community of people is key to weight loss success.


Diet Bet is a new and fun method to losing weight that uses the popular diet bet concept you might have used with friends and family.  There are many different challenges to choose from with very small entrance fees.  A simple entrance fee of $20 can earn you hundreds or thousands of dollars if you are the winner and lose the most weight or a percentage of weight in a specific time.  Diet Bet builds a strong sense of competition amongst its participants and that competition can often be a strong motivator to committing to a weight loss goal.  The motivation for winning money obviously helps too.


Embrace The Community

So the best thing to do if you want to drastically change your life, lose weight, and get in shape is not only to start a fitness program like one of those mentioned above, but to actively engage yourself in the community of participants.

If you’re doing a Beachbody program, engage yourself with your Beachbody coach or Beachbody YouTube’ers.

If you like Crossfit, embrace your fellow members. Talk to them, encourage one another, and make some friends.  This will go a long way towards making improvements.  At different times in my life I have had workout partners and during those phases of my life it was no coincidence I was in the best shape of my life.  The same goes for the Orange Theory gyms.  Talk amongst your fellow members, encourage, and challenge one another.

With Daily Burn and Diet Bet, get involved.  Learn as much as you can about each company.  Follow them on social media, especially YouTube.  Make it a habit to do this on a regular basis and you’ll be very happy with your results.

Losing weight and changing your life does not happen in a vacuum.  You not only have to commit to the workouts and healthy lifestyle, but you have to engage yourself in the community that you’re participating in.  However, you’ll find it so much more satisfying and much, much easier to stick with your weight loss and fitness goals when you embrace the community.