Shakeology Shaker Cup Review, Better Than Blender Bottle?

Over the years I’ve found it hard to find a good, quick  way to mix my protein powder/meal replacement and not have a lot of residual powder or clumps at the bottom of my cup or shaker.

There’s all kinds of shaker cups online and at GNC, but most of them are knockoffs of the Blender Bottle.  The Shakeology Shaker cup is no exception.  The people at Beachbody had to create a branded bottle to not only promote their supplement, but to provide a quality shaker that actually works.  However, it falls short of the Blender Bottle.

The Blender Bottle has cornered the market with their original, and super simple method of maximizing residual powder in your shaker.  With a simple metal ball inside the shaker you get a “quality  shake” every time you use it.  The Beachbody Shakeology Shaker tries to come close but it cant match the quality of the metal ball.

The Beachbody shaker has a nine-holed circular insert at the top of the shaker that in intended to help mix your shakeology. It does a great job, and this shaker has a lot of capacity at 25 ounces, but again, it is not as good as the Blender Bottle.   I would classify it as number 2, just after the Blender Bottle.

Shakeology Shaker Insert


Here is the order of my protein powder/meal replacement shakers as far as how well they mix and the amount of residual clumps they leave behind.

  1. Blender Bottle
  2. Shakeology Shaker Cup
  3. Pride Nutrition Cyclone
  4. KevenAnna USB Rechargeable Shaker

Pride Nutrition Cyclone Cup, Cool Design, Little Benefit


Now these are also based on simplicity.  I don’t have time to crank up the blender, so these rankings are based on ease of use without a blender.  Simply put in the right amount, add water, and shake.

I’ve also found that stirring your shake with a good ole spoon sometimes works just as well as these shakers so sometimes simplicity is the easiest way to go.