3 Great Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

It is a well-known fact that losing  extra weight is much harder than putting on weight. The harsh truth about losing weight is that it is more of a full-time job which requires you to watch every step that contributes to it- what you eat, how much sleep you get and most importantly, regular exercising.
The healthiest and most efficient way to lose weight isthrough regular exercise. It builds muscle and increases your metabolism. Unlike weight loss methods such as supplements or starving, exercising makes you healthier. So put on your sweatpants and make the extra fat cry with these 3 best exercises to lose weight fast.

1. Kettle Bell Exercises

Kettlebells are a great way to lose weight. A kettlebell is a cast iron ball with a single handle. While traditional weightlifting consists of balanced weights, kettlebell makes you work in order to balance the weights and stabilize your body. The entire balancing and counterbalancing process make your body work and weight train, together, thus making you burn some calories.

A hardcore exercise that it is, kettlebell can actually burn up to 400 calories in just twenty minutes. Moreover, it strengthens your core, improves your body balance and targets various muscles of your body at the same time. Involving the entire body in exercising with kettlebells means you will get in a better shape, and your metabolism will rev up marginally. Increased metabolism means you will be burning fats faster. The best part is, kettlebell exercises work as an aerobic workout and give you the cardiovascular benefits of a six mile run in just twenty minutes. Isn’t that a great package?

However, you will need to be careful while exercising with kettlebells or else you might get injured. Look online or join a local gym if you are a newbie to kettlebells and once you are a pro, you can work on your own.

2. High-Intensity Cardio

High-Intensity Cardio workouts like running, cycling or even walking at a fast pace and make you shed off all the extra weight within no time. The surprising part is that just twenty minutes of it can help you burn fat throughout the day. However, the challenge is that walking at a fast pace for 20 minutes or running for 20 minutes without a break isn’t a walk in the park.

These short but intense bursts of working or exercising need to be followed by low-intensity exercise. For instance, run for twenty minutes and then walk at a slow pace for the next twenty minutes to let your body burn the fat while your heartbeat returns to normal. Start by warming up so that your muscles get in the flow and then push yourself the hardest you can to attain the fastest speed. In the beginning, you might get tired in the first 30 seconds itself but do this regularly, and you will see visible changes day after day. Give yourself time to relax in the beginning and wait to catch your breath. Gradually, all your muscles and even your heart becomes strong enough for the rapid 20-minute session of high-intensity cardio.

There are numerous benefits of high-intensity cardio. Not only is it a very fast way of burning the extra fat but also a great aerobic exercise for your heart. High-Intensity Workouts also increase your metabolism.

3. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable, fun and quick ways to lose weight. Ever notice how swimmers have perfectly toned bodies? Well, even you can have a similar physique if you swim regularly. An hour of vigorous swimming can get you rid of 400 to 700 calories, and the best part is that you’ll love every bit of it.

Whether it is breast strokes or dog paddle, all types of swimming help you cut down the extra flab. It tones every part of your body, working as a stretch-cum-muscle training exercise. It also strengthens your body and cuts down the fat from the most stubborn places like belly, thighs, biceps and the pelvis area. When you are in a pool, your body bears just 10% of your total weight, but it is the 12% higher resistance of water that makes you work harder to make your way through the water and lose weight in the process.

Since it involves all the major muscle groups, swimming works as a whole body workout. It is especially beneficial for women and people with joint problems like arthritis since it makes your body movements swifter and improves the mobility of bones.

Combine any three of these exceptionally quick and effective weight loss exercises, and you will see yourself free from the extra fat that you have been carrying. You can also incorporate healthier habits like eating right, getting enough sleep and being stress-free to maximize the result of exercising.